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We cause that their site in WordPress is fast.

It improves of its WordPress site

In agreement with the most recent statistics, the users of Internet hope of a site that he less than loaded in 3 seconds. A longer time of load can lead the user to leave its site and to happen to another website.

In other words, a slow website moves away to the potential clients. This means less traffic, the lower rates of conversion, and in last instance, less money.

The web search engines as Google also plays an important role. Google has begun to use times of load to evaluate the quality of a website. A website with fast load is considered as a website of one better quality than a site of slow load. Websites of greater quality obtain better positions in results search.

Therefore, the speed is important, since the users of Internet leave the websites with slow load, and Google offers to the websites with poorer slow load ranking.

The speed of its site is important because:

  • Google offers to fast websites better position as a result search
  • People spend more time in her site if this load quickly
  • She improves the experience of the user
  • Movable users need fast websites

Contact to us

And he improves the speed of his site with our services of optimization for WordPress

Services of optimization:

Study of servant

Is His servant optimized for WordPress? Optimized a poor or bad servant is the main cause of a slow website.

We diminish code (CSS, JS, HTML)

Minificando code we eliminated bytes, reducing the size of the file, and improving times of load.

Study of subject

A subject of bad quality, is the second cause of a slow site, many subjects are not optimized to offer acceptable speeds of load.

Optimization of images

We compress images to generally reduce to the size of the file, respecting its resolution, improving times of load and speed of the site.

Study of plugins

Plugin of bad quality can cause that their site is slow, we verified that this nonpass in its site.

Retirement of code nonused

This saves bytes and diminishes the use of bandwidth and improves the yield generally dei site.

Frequent questions

Which is the optimization process?

First that we do is to generate a report of the situation of the site (gratuitous and without commitment) once defined the problems, we generated an action plan, stipulating the necessary solutions, costs and times of delivery.

You will receive a report of speed when finalizing the optimization, with this we can quantify the changes with a comparison of before and after our services.

What is what they need to begin?

We need to have access to the Control Panel of WordPress and access FTP.

How long they take in giving the project?

This depends on the complexity of the problem, normally of 2-5 days, the times of delivery we specified them in our initial report.

Which is the form of payment?

If it accepts our budget will be invited to pay the 100% in advance con to him invoices. We accept credit cards via Paypal or bank deposits.