Professional lodging case of success #1

When in November of the 2014 we received a mail asking help to position a site, we came to analyze the site, finding very few errors of SEO, and after solving we thought them that it would be only time question so that the site had the awaited positioning.

But this never happened, after waiting for 45 days we saw a small improvement in positioning but not the awaited one.

We decide to make a deeper study of the possible problems and we did not find any as soon as SEO, by coincidence, in that Google week announced that the speed of load of the sites serious positioning factor.

Although we understood the concept, was a new factor of positioning and few put interest to him to the concept of speed in a site.

We analyze the site and the times of load were very bad, the 11 lodging was professional only of p.m. to 4am, when there was no traffic with a time of load of 4 seconds, in the rest of the day the speed of load varied of 5 up to 12 seconds, without taking into account that was rush hours in which the site did not work.

We talk with the client and we proposed to change to him of lodging, we proposed to change to him of a shared lodging to a lodging specialized in WordPress.

The change was important as far as investment, since the client happened to pay $6,99 dollars per month with GoDaddy which had been pleased annually and still 7 months of remaining contract existed, to pay $15 dollars monthly, this implied an investment of more of the double.

Until that moment the site did not produce a single sale, nontapeworm traffic and the investment until that moment was great without having a single cent as investment return, reason why to happen to pay the double by lodging concept was not a easy decision.

Fortunately the client decided to prove by 3 months the new lodging, since the solution was not convinced that the serious change of lodging.

The first 3 weeks were most difficult since we did not see any change, but after the third week the traffic began to grow and the client began to receive calls/post office from his site and 4 weeks later the first sales were made.

It is possible to mention that any change was not done to him of SEO, to the site and that the change was only made of servant.

In three months one had tripled the traffic and the client tapeworm sales that made viable continue paying the lodging.

The site from the change of servant, has not stopped selling and has improved its traffic considerably month with month. Happening to have 20 weekly visits with zero sales to 351 visits and sales of $15.000 weeklies. All this traffic thanks to the fact that the site this good positioned naturally in finders.

At present it is virtually impossible to position a site in the first results search if this one does not count on a true professional lodging.

Contact we can help to us him, sometimes it is only question to invest a little to duplicate or to triple sales.

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