The importance of a professional lodging

One of the main problems to position is of technical character, since Google takes as important factor the speed from load from a site.

Unfortunately there is no a supplier that is fast, all are made happen through professionals, but there is no an efficient supplier.

In the United States also there is an endless ones of suppliers that are made happen through professionals and is that they take advantage the lack of knowledge of most people when they look for a lodging supplier.

Godaddy, Hostgator, 1and1, Bluehost, Hostpapa, and without I number of suppliers are an seizure of hair, or for people that want to provide with accomodations a blog or a personal site, but never for a company that think to generate gains.

These companies are characterized by:

“ To have limitless services, causing that a servant provides with accomodations hundreds of sites.
“ Very bad speeds of load.
“ Out of date code, uses versions of php and old data base.
“ Little safe lodgings.

Some ago years this one point was not so important, in fact this one factor in the positioning algorithm did not exist, but at present we think that it gets to be until a 35% of important and this is much.

Internet is more and more competitive and has sense that only the sites good done and that is fast are first in appearing. It is really very rare to find in results search (first 10 natural results) a slow site and bad fact.

We have several examples of how a cheap lodging can throw to the trash everything a project, and is by which we have stopped accepting lodgings of suppliers scrap iron.

And it is that in the end it does not have sense to buy a car and to save to ask to him the distributor who puts the cheapest oil to him, or to construct a house and to ask to him the architect that uses the waterproof one more cheap to save, would be a great error, because far from to save we are simply buying problems that in the end can down throw the viability of the project.

But the good news is that there is several company that offers professional services of lodging and which we can use:,,,, and Google Cloud Platform.

These companies are characterized by:

“ Resources limited according to the chosen plan, but always available.
“ Fast speeds of load, all are optimized in this sense.
“ I complete it in code, use the most recent versions of php and data base.
“ Security, many of them offer guarantees anti hackeo.

All of them are professional suppliers and many of them support to great companies, as Ubisoft, Disney, Ebay, Visa, Coca Cola, Phillips, etc. Reason why you can understand the level service that offer.

To be sincere all they are expensive if Godaddy or any other lodging is compared with scrap iron, but the difference is abysmal, and it is not worth the pain to risk a project to want to save in something fundamental for a project Web, the speed of its site is fundamental part of the success of the same and is part of its image.

We offer lodging in the most extensive, safe network and fast as it is it Google Cloud Platform, it asks for these services.

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