Design Web, case of success #2

In November of the 2013 we received a mail asking help for the redesign of a website with the aim of maintaining and improving the natural positioning in finders.

The site at issue tapeworm around 100 pages and their positioning was good, of this one by I number much of pages and by the amount of content that tapeworm the site.

The main problems of the site were that tapeworm too much information and two menus that in some parts duplicated the content and caused that the visitor lost himself easily.

The majority of the pages had too much information, and each very clear nontapeworm the message that wanted to give the visitor.

It was needed to reconstruct the site, to clean the structure and to simplify the information of each page, the serious objective that no intelligence report would have to be to more than two clicks of distance on the part of the visitor. And each section would have to try on a subject in specific.

The solution was not easy because there was to convince the client that it was not necessary to repeat information in all the pages to generate a sale action.

Most people think that if you add a form to him of contact in all the pages of the site, people by that simple fact will contact them much more and this is not certain.

So that the visitor has an action, first you must it convince, or you must to him generate an emotion and thus they only come to contact to you. And to convince, you need to have a clear message than you offer.

After cleaning and reconstructing the site, with a design Web that at its time was novel, by clean it of this one. The results began to appear immediately.

The site tapeworm an average of 6500 monthly visits via finders with regular sales (words of the owner), a month after to have implemented the new design the site arrived at 9200 visits via finders, with good sales (words of the owner) in a month the increase of traffic was of more of 40%

As of that moment, the sales were increased month with month considerably, the post office via the contact form went off and the objective was obtained.

After having 5.900 visits in April of the 2014, the site has grown exponentially and the last month (October of the 2016) according to Google Analytics the site registered almost 31.300 visits via results search of Google. 30 months after the redesign the site to multiplied 5 times its traffic.

Update: We have received a call of the client where it asks to us to modernize his site, the news that gives much joy us, we will already report opportunely what implies this new project.

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