Design Web, case of success # 3

To principle of 2015 we made a redesign Web for a client whom it looked for to have a clean and modern site. The client very clear tapeworm the idea and although we proposed to use warmer colors, the result was a very clean site and cold, since the predominant colors were white and red.

The client was enchanted with the design Web of his site, and the site to the being the second redesign that we did, already was positioned and tapeworm good traffic, reason why an increase in sales was expected.

But the time happened and the increase in sales never arrived, analyzing the statistics of the site, we had found that the site had improved a 10% its positioning, but the percentage by ricochet had been duplicated.

The percentage by ricochet is a variable that Google Analytics provides for knowing the percentage of visits that arrive at the site and they do not have any interaction with the site and they leave. This normally happens when the site that visits are not what you waited for, you does not like, or it does not offer what these looking for.

Of the percentage by ricochet it has much to do with the aesthetic one of site, because the first impression influences logically in the behavior of the visitor, if it likes you what you see more likely you continue sailing by the site, and if you enter a site that is not of your affability is much possibility which you continue looking for in the network.

In this case, the site had maintained the majority of its text and really what it had changed was the look, of a warm site with dark colors, to a very clean and cold site.

Talking with the client we offered to him to redesign its site and to completely change the look of the site, to use images completely different and to return to dark colors that helped to present an elegant site.

It was a difficult work, since the client hoped to have a modern site by next the 2 years and she was not in its plans having to redesign the site and mainly to resign to its idea to present something clean and modern, but we managed to convince it.

The final result was a much more visual site, using dark colors, a much more elegant site conserving 95% of the text, and most important to the client the new image enchanted to him.

The traffic of the site stayed equal, but the percentage by ricochet happened from a 65% to a 30% that is to say, was reduced to more than half and the contact form had an increase of conversions of 45%.

One of the things that we have learned is that a successful site must be designed for the visitor and does not stop to satisfy the personal tastes with the owner of the site.

Having a suitable planning of image, using the correct colors, and professional images a site can diametrically change the sales that it generates.

It leaves in our hands the image of his business.

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