How to attract traffic Web its site from Facebook

The majority of the companies that have activity on Facebook commits the error to publish articles/the news without removing benefit from this social network. It is very common that the companies do not know to remove benefit to Facebook.

Here a common error.

The company I publish a article on Facebook/the news, its followers read the article, some give click him likes others make a commentary, others share the article/the news. But in all this process the activity remains on Facebook, the effort to publish on Facebook does not generate nothing else that good desires.

The importance of having a blog integrated in the site is fundamental to change the results when it is published on Facebook. The effective form to generate results is the following one:

The company publishes a article/the news in the blog of its site, later shares the new publication on Facebook, interested people will have to give a click to the publication and Facebook would send them to the blog of the company.

This it is a very important change since the followers are hauled to the site of the company, where the visitor can read more publications, can read on products/services of the company and the site has opportunity much more to generate sales.

On the other hand the company is generating contained new within the site, and this well is seen by the finders which causes that the site improves its positioning.

Having a blog within the site and using it indeed with a strategy on Facebook can dramatically change the sales of a website

The promotion in networks must of being part of the plan of businesses of a company, is necessary to be constant in networks and the articles/the news must treat subjects related to the market in which is the company.

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