Web Hosting; the Achilles heel of many websites.

The lodging Web is often component the more neglected one of a website, the companies spend a considerable amount in obtaining a professional design and completely neglect the lodging that uses.

Don't mention it serves to invest in a site of last generation with the latest in responsive code, if the lodging is of bad quality.

This he is one otherwise the great errors that we see lately, since the companies do not put attention to a component that is more important that the design of the same.

The majority of the companies that commit this error is for want of information, think that the lodging is something that must buy and that all the lodging is equal and therefore buying more cheap money is being saved.

When the only thing that is doing is to lose money, since the majority of the cheap lodgings what they do is to put thousands of sites in a servant (thus only can have so low prices) but when these sites have traffic in the rush hours the servers become slow and until they stop working.

Don't mention it serves to invest in a site of last generation when it you cannot visit in rush hours.

The form easiest to lose clients is having a slow website.

To anybody it likes to sail by a website that behind schedule in loading, in 80% of the cases the traffic prefers to continue looking for to remain to hope to that the site works. And this is lost a very important one.

The cheap lodgings offer out of date code generally, generating severe problems of security, reason why they are easy to hackear

Without mentioning that Google has as positioning factor the speed of load of the site, Been wondered why its has site does not improve its positioning? the answer could be in the speed of this.

It invests in a professional lodging and it stops losing clients

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