Advantages of the responsive design

The responsive design, is when the design of the webpage responds or it adapts to the dimensions of the screen in which it is being.

The world of the webpages has been changing and is that the current trend is that every time there are more visits from movable devices.

The statistics of 2017 throw an important percentage: 50% of the users the past year did it from a movable device and a 31% of the purchases in Internet were realised from a cellular one.

Before these data, the necessity is understood clearly to have a website that visualizes correctly in any movable device, (iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc.)

Some advantages of the responsive design.

We improve the experience of navigation of the user: The user who accedes to a Web through a mobile and cannot perceive the content correctly because this one has been unsquared when seeing it in that channel, probably does not return to enter our website. On the contrary if we give a responsive design him, we will be obtaining that improves the opinion that they have of our website.

Reduction of investment: We reduce to the costs since the group that we used so much for a version of movable computer as is the same. No longer they will make lack two or more groups to adapt it, so less investment in maintenance and costs.

Low the bounce of users: A good part of the users who leave a webpage when entering from a movable device is because they cannot visualize the content correctly. The responsive design, the user will always enjoy a good experience of navigation.

The conversion results improve: When having a page that sees of form optimized for mobiles and tablets, the percentage of users that acquire a product or send a form is greater.

All our packages of design Web include the responsive design It excels of his competition with a website with responsive design!

From January of the 2015 Google began to give preference to the sites with responsive design, if its site does not fulfill this characteristic more likely begins to lose positions in results search and to lose traffic.

It does not lose clients updates his site more soon possible, a responsive site is a necessity in the present market

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