What is a CDN? (Content Delivery Network)

The networks of distribution of content (Content Delivery Network in Groins) are the transparent spine of Internet in charge of the content delivery. Or that we know it or no, each of us interacts on a daily basis with several CDNs; when reading articles in sites of the news, buying in line, to see videos of YouTube or to read in social means.

Independent of which it does or of the type of content that consumes, it is probable that it finds a CDN behind each text character, each pixel of image and each photogram of film that arrives at its PC and movable navigator.

In order to understand why the CDNs are so widely used, first it must recognize the problem for which they are designed; to reduce the latency of a website.

What is the latency?
The latency, is the annoying delay that happens from the moment at which it solicits to load a webpage until the moment at which its content appears in screen.

This interval of delay is affected by a series of factors, many of which are specific of a certain webpage. Nevertheless, in all the cases, the duration of the delay is affected by the physical distance between you and the servant of lodging of that website. The mission of a CDN is to shorten that physical distance virtually, with the aim of improving the speed and the yield of the representation of the site.

How work does a CDN?
In order to diminish the distance between the visitors and the servant of their website, a CDN stores a version in cache of their content in multiple geographic locations (a.k.a., points of presence or MGP). Each MGP contains several servers of storage in cache responsible for the delivery of content to the visitors who are near him.

In essence, a CDN places their content in many places simultaneously, providing a cover superior to their users.

For example, when somebody in London accedes to its website lodged in the EE.UU., it does through a MGP local of the United Kingdom. This is much more fast that to travel to all wide it of the Atlantic and to return.

Thus it is as a CDN works briefly. Our packages include the use of the most extensive network as it is them Google Cloud CDN. This CDN operates cach©s in more than 90 MGP distributed anywhere in the world.

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