Why we separated the service of e-mail of the lodging Web?

The subject of the WordPress lodging has begun to be very important, previously anyone could buy a service of lodging and to obtain positive results (to generate income from its site). At the moment Google takes as positioning factor the speed of load of a site and this has changed the market completely.

It is necessary to explain that in the market really there are 2 types of companies of WordPress lodging, those that are made happen through professionals and those that really are professional.

The companies that are made happen through professionals, offer their services by a reasonable amount, in many cases offering limitless services, and all the solutions in a same ceiling.

This is translated in very bad speeds of load, little safe out of date code and lodging.

Godaddy, Hostgator, 1and1, Bluehost, Hostpapa, and without number of suppliers they are an seizure of hair, or for people that want to provide with accomodations a blog or a personal site, but never for a company that think to generate gains.

And on the other hand the professional companies of WordPress lodging, that never offer limitless services, on the contrary, specify very well all the resources that the package at issue offers, these companies are specialized in WordPress and use last in technology and the code.

Kinsta, Pagely, WPEngine.com, getFlywheel, Pressidium and Google Cloud Platform are some companies specialized in WordPress lodging, these companies do not offer services of mail.

We offer lodging in the most extensive, safe and fast network as it is it Google Cloud Platform, and is why the services of mail must be separated.

One of the advantages to use a service of separated e-mail is that very hardly these services fail and in case there was a problem in the servant of his site, the mail would not be affected, without stopping mentioning that the storage capacities are of at least of 25 GB by each account.

In RiverWoodSolutions we used G Suite of Google and in 12 years of use never we have had a single problem of shipment/reception of post office, and with Spam controls leaders of the market, in the end we understand the importance of having a mail 100% available.

The market has evolved as much that nowadays he is unthinkable to generate gains if e-mails are not contracted to professional services of lodging/.

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