What is the optimization SEO?

The optimization SEO (In English SEO Optimization Search Engine), basically consists of covering all the technical requirements that the finders of Internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) ask to position a website in the results search of natural form.

The optimization Web is an important part of the positioning SEO.

Ideally this process is realised when the website is being designed, since it has to directly do with the content that appear in each webpage of the site and with technical questions that an expert in positioning must cover (a clean code, keywords, density of words, titles of page, titles of images, metatags, etc.)

An optimized website is a site with structured good content, is easy to read, to sail and is fast.

The speed of load is an important point within the optimization, reason why it is important to use a clean code and a professional lodging, we have seen as websites by the simple fact to use lodgings slow simply never are positioned, since its rate by ricochet is great.

An optimized site is the cheapest form to generate sales, since a always optimized site will have one better position in finders, therefore better traffic = sales.

All our packages include optimization SEO.

If it compares to us with the competition, our packages of design Web are not economic, and is that we do not only make pages do them, we make efficient pages, visually attractive and optimized, websites that sell.


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