How to help website to sell?

One of the main errors that the companies commit is to think that to have a website this one will produce sales.

This one error is as serious as thinking that to only register a business this one will be successful.

A website needs to be promoted as it takes control of a traditional business, the only thing that it changes is the form to promote it.

In a traditional business we can do; pamphlet, business cards, posters and to begin to distribute them around the zone in which this our business, to call to him to all our well-known ones to speak to them on our new business, hoping that the voice is run and that with time and work we see the fruits of our publicity with sales.

A website needs the same work but with different elements, we are going away to focus in the social network Facebook, the tool easiest to use and that she is gratuitous.

3 things that we needed to make actively in social networks to help to our website to sell

1. At least to write 2 times to the week on articles of our activity. That is to say, if my business is dedicated to provide services of export/import we can speak on tendencies of the market, tips of packing, tips to avoid fines or delays in the shipments, the news of the sector, any thing that it has to always do with our activity thinking about giving information to the utility reader.

2. To include 1 times per week some product or service, within our article deck to publish, with text that sells, that is to say naming the benefits, characteristics and information of interest of the product or service at issue.

3. On Facebook to respond to questions or commentaries of our visitors.

Facebook is the social network greater than it exists, exist near 49 million activated accounts. A company to have presence in social networks must of being as important as having a telephone.

The majority of the successful companies promotes their services constantly using at least a social network, and includes in their calendar of activities the time to write articles and to be to the slope of their presence in social networks.

We know cases success, where with a constant work, companies have extended their portfolio of clients just by to follow these 3 steps.

The ideal is to have a blog within our website and there to write these articles, later to share them in our page of Facebook, with this we attract the traffic from networks our site.

If your site does not have an integrated blog, contact we can help to us you.

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