Characteristics of a successful webpage.

At the moment the Internet is much more competed, everybody wants or has a webpage, but all do not have a successful webpage.

Some characteristics:

It has designed content to sell.

Content is fundamental for success of page, if a webpage does not convince to the visitor of the services or products that this sells, does not fulfill its objective.

The great error that much people do, is to list its services without putting the benefits that the possible client obtains. If you want that they buy to you sells your services.

Another problem is the content use that to the visitor does not matter to him, How many times we have seen the institutional values in a webpage?

This is a common error, to the visitor does not matter to him if the company has tuna values, nor somebody either does not go to stop buying to them because it does not share the same values, in this section must have a presentation of the company, its virtues, projects, the challenges that it confronts, etc.

Text that helps the visitor to identify himself with this company, and not a page with corporative values that to anybody interests to him.

It has a message clearly. How many times we have entered a site and we really don't know to which the company is dedicated? since it uses text that says much and it does not say anything.

A done page or must have a clear message, sells the benefit to acquire the product or service that the company offers.

A successful webpage is that one that is direct, that enumerates the benefits of products and/or services and that the information necessary gives him to the visitor to make a positive decision and to generate the sale

All our packages of design Web include the optimization of their text, with this we previously looked for the mentioned points.

It has fresh content.

One of the worse impressions than we can have is to enter a site and to see that in its section of the news, it completes it the news is 2 years old. This offer a clear message to the visitor of which in this website it does not pass anything, and that the site is not important.

Our packages of design of webpages include the option to add an administrator of contents, and with this you will be able to easily update your site without depending on third parties.

The USA professional images.

The use of images or professional illustrations is as important as the content, an image speaks more than thousand words, and this can be of positive or negative form.

She is fast.

To anybody it likes to wait for, and a slow webpage is the form easiest to lose clients, does not matter what so beautiful is its site, if this he is slow the visitors will leave it. One of the common errors is to use lodgings that are not fast.

On the other hand, the speed of a site is factor of positioning for Google.

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