WordPress, a very complete administrator of contents

WordPress has innumerable qualities and advantages in front of other administrators of contents

WordPress is one of the most versatile, modern and efficient platforms of administration of contents, with a great advantage in relation to other platforms, since the finders as Google, Bing and Yahoo index them much more fast.

What can be developed in WordPress?

Practically everything: from blogs, very simple webpages, sites with video solutions, solutions of electronic commerce, stores in line, sites multi language, this site is made with WordPress give an example.

Which are the advantages of WordPress?

Most important of them it is that it allows the user to add, to modify and to eliminate content of a very fast and simple way without needing depending on third parties, consequently can be updating its site of constant way without having to pay by these changes, its site can be updated to any hour from any place.

All our packages of design Web include an administrator of contents, the initial investment is a little greater, but this is pleased generally in a few months, do not exist additional nor monthly costs, only a unique payment when contracting our services.

Another advantage is that WordPress updates its code constantly, reason why its site always will be updated.

I do not want that my site is seen as any common and current page

We and by the same will not either present proposals of design with customized designs in order that their site is not a copy of another one, inclusively we personalized many components in order that its site is adapted to the image of its project. WordPress adapts to its needs. Its site will be unique. 

Will My site have responsive design?

If, at present he is indispensable to present his site in any movable device, is why in all our projects the responsive design is including.

I do not know as handling WordPress

As it leaves from our service we provided qualification and a small manual to him so that it can learn to administer his site of fast and simple way.

Our technical support will help him if over the years it forgets since something becomes, only needs sends a mail to us or to call to us and with taste we helped him.

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