How to reduce the abandonment of the cart of purchases in a virtual store

How to reduce the abandonment of the cart of purchases in a virtual store

The abandonment of the cart of purchases is a problem that many virtual stores suffer. In order to put this problem of electronic commerce in perspective, three of each four carts of purchases are left, and the rate of left carts increased to a 2% year in the last.

What is the abandonment of the cart of purchases?

The abandonment of the cart of purchases is when a potential client in his store is in the middle of the purchase of a product (or she has at least added it to his cart of purchases) and decides not to buy more. This is moderate generally in the percentage of carts left during a period of time. It can turns affected by a bad flow, user interface of payment, little information, confused price, trustworthiness of the brand, etc.

Some studies say that 75% of the visitors of the site who left their carts they glided to return to the store to realise a purchase or to continue his investigation. In fact, 2% of the clients first visit to a virtual store only realises a purchase in his, and 92% of the beginner visitors do not have the intention to buy nothing of the store then. In fact, approximately five contacts in average are required before a client decides to buy in a store.

It is therefore that it is very important to count on all the information of purchase within his store, (expenses of shipment, policies of return, guarantees, times of delivery, etc.).

According to the Baymard Institute, these are the most common reasons by those than the clients leave the carts of purchases:

“ Expensive costs of shipment (55%)
“ Stores that ask that the client creates an account (34%)
“ Process of long or complicated purchase (26%)
“ It could not trust to the store his information of credit card (17%)
“ The store Web had errors (17%)
“ It does not offer sufficient forms of payment (6%)

Other important reasons for the abandonment of the cart include:

To have a slow website. A slow website can increase the abandonment in a 75%, and loyalty is reduced in a 50%.

How to reduce the abandonment of the cart of purchases

1. It improves the speed of load of his virtual store

The speed of load is fundamental to maintain to its clients sailing in its virtual store. The clients will leave a website if she delays more than 3 seconds in loading itself.

The sites of WooCommerce can be especially demanding since they generate a great amount of data, as well as requests that cannot be stored in cache, reason why robust resources are needed PHP and data bases. When choosing the lodging of its store is important to use a lodging optimized for WordPress and Woocommerce.

Other forms to accelerate its website: It optimizes his images, it uses Cache, it uses a network of content delivery (CDN).

2. It shortens and it simplifies the purchase process

Around 21% of the buyers it shelp that the reason by which they left a cart of purchases was because the purchase process was too long or complicated.

3. It offers the possibility of buying as guest

35% of the transactions were lost because the virtual store required that the user created an account before paying.

4. It offers multiple forms of payment

When you open a store of electronic commerce, potentially you are opening yourself to make businesses yet the world. To the knowledge this, must realize of which a payment method will not be sufficient for the clients in different countries. It is possible that it must incorporate several different methods of payment according to the place in which their clients live.

5. It considers to offer shipment free

According to Statista, the lifted cost of shipment is the main reason by which the people leave their carts, but according to Statista, the gratuitous shipment is not the only factor to consider to attract new clients. The low prices are the main reason by which the clients return to visit the sites of electronic commerce.

When finalizing the purchase, 78% of the survey ones shelp that it preferred the gratuitous shipment instead of the accelerated shipment. And 67% of the time, the clients will choose the method of cheaper shipment instead of fastest (than she represents 2% of the clients). In addition, 58% of the clients are arranged to hope between 4 and 7 days to receive an article that they bought in line, but as salesman in line, also it must provide a term of awaited time or a date of delivery so that the clients are happy.

Of the survey ones, 58% want gratuitous shipment or with discount, whereas 28% want a variety of shipment options.

Although the gratuitous or fast shipment is an incentive sufficient to increase the sales, it is important to understand the impact in his final results, since the shipment costs can represent until 5% or more of the total cost. Generally, approximately half of the survey small and medium businesses shelp that to offer gratuitous shipments it increased the gains.


The visitor rarely makes a purchase without before have made a comparison with other stores, is why it is important that the store counts on all the necessary information so that the visitor makes the purchase (guarantee, returns, etc).

Having a simplified process of purchase is as important as using a lodging optimized in speed.

A motivante in many cases to generate sales is attractive or gratuitous expenses of shipment. Without forgetting that it enters more options payment it has the store more opportunities tendra to generate sales.

In RiverWoodSolutions we know all this, is why always we designed virtual stores with easy navigation, simplified processes of payment and we used hosting of Google Cloud, a winning combination to generate sales.

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