Which is the advice # 1 of marketing to have a successful website?

Which is the advice # 1 of marketing to have a successful website?

Good, he is an advice who concentrates in the form to sell his product or service to his clients. In fact he is a quite simple advice.

It sells the benefits and not them characteristic of his products or services

It can sound obvious, but in fact, the majority of the webpages does not do it.

The great error of the companies that have a their website is that the benefits of their products or services do not speak on. Simply they are in charge to enumerate the characteristics of these. The majority enlists its services and thinks that with that it is sufficient, when in fact this nonhelp much.

A person is much more prone to buy something when she can see the benefit of the service or product.

Apple shows the benefits of its iPhone.

They do not mention the characteristics as camera, video, automatic approach, applications, e-mail, etc. Only the benefits of those characteristics in action. And this is what causes that their products are so successful.

Are You selling characteristic or benefits?

Then, How he is selling his product or service in his website?

He is saying to Him to his clients about an endless ones of characteristics or is including a dozen of benefits that their clients obtain with their products or services?

98% of the people are consuming, it sells the benefits of his product or service using a direct and fresh language and begins to sell or will find a competitor who does it.

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