It improves the speed of load of his website and will improve his positioning Web

It improves the speed of load of his website and will improve his positioning Web

The positioning of a website depends on many factors, but one of most important is its speed of load. In a Market so competed 25% of the visitors of a website they will leave it if it takes more than 4 seconds in loading.

The speed of load of a site is very important, here 3 reasons;

1. Google takes as factor from positioning the speed from load from a site, we we think that this factor influences until in a 35% in the positioning.

2. The majority of the visitors leaves a website if they cannot sail quickly. Not only the user goes away who gets tired to hope when entering the site, if not that increases the percentage of users who are it leaving according to visit the rest of pages.

3. And at the rate of the previous points, one can be imagined what this in line means for the sites or the stores: less seen and those than have last less causing less sales.

Because my website loads so slow with WordPress and how to improve it?

Many reasons exist for which the speed of load of their website is slow, but we presented the main reasons here and how it can solve it.

The lodging is very important

One of the great errors that the companies that want to position themselves and therefore to have sales commit, is that they dedicate many resources in making a visually attractive website, but very few in a professional lodging to do that its site loaded as rapidly as possible.

The subject that uses its site can be fundamental

A subject badly codified can cause that their site is slow, has security problems and he is not stable, uses professional subjects that they have updates regularly.

It compresses his images

A single image can kill the speed of load of its website, now imagines hundreds of these in its store in line. It is very important to use the suitable dimensions and resolutions so that the images do not influence in the speed of load of their website.

Excessive use of plugins

WordPress is slower whatever plugins uses more. An optimized site uses the minor I number of plugins, and only most necessary, and if possible those that better speed of load they have.

In RiverWoodSolutions we know all this, is why always we used in our packages of design Web the latest in code, subjects and plugins and hosting of Google Cloud, the safest and fast platform of the planet. A winning combination to generate sales.

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