Errors common of content in webpages

The content of a webpage is fundamental for the success of this one, don't mention it serves to have a design here attractive Web when the content of the page is bad, a list of the most common errors.

Generic text and little important information.

How many times we have read text as this? We are it jeopardize to offer to our clients the best solutions to its needs, from products of high quality, to deliveries just in time and service posventa, to obtain it, we counted on systems of quality and described personnel whom the personal challenge applies in its daily work to make better the things every time

After reading 4 lines not yet we know to which they are dedicated, this text could be for a dry cleaners, a bakery, a countable office etc. Briefly is generic text, that help not to sell.

We need to have a fresh, direct content, where the client can see the virtues of our business, the advantages, and mainly to that we dedicated ourselves of a clear form, for example:

We are expert in the transport the International of air cargo and marine.

Europe, Took root, Latin America, the USA, Canada, you tell us where she wants his merchandise and our equipment will do all the logistic necessary one to export or to import its product of possible the most efficient and professional way.

We are specialistic in aerial loads, customs office, aerial, marine transport, imports, exports and storages .

Truth that it changes? The text of our page is the more important tool of sales of our site.

On the other hand we entered the section of those who we are and thus found something: Mission. To provide to our clients a solution designed agreed to its needs fulfilling the higher standards of quality.

Nobody is going to us to buy a product because we have a beautiful mission, neither they either did not stop to us buying because they are not in agreement with our vision.

The use of institutional information is one practices of 90 years ' s where the companies put in their websites the presentation of Power Point of the company.

The page of Whom We are, must have information that helps to sell to the company, a little history, challenges that it confronts and goals to medium and long term. Text that helps the visitor to have I tie and to identify itself with the company.

The page of Whom We are is ideal to generate I tie with the visitor, is our opportunity to present our company of a different form.

Little professional images.

Or the saying says it, an image speaks more than thousand words, and these can be positive or negative, when we did not use professional images of our products or services, we are sending a clear signal that we are not professional. He is preferable to have one or two professional images to have 20 that only damage our business.

At the time of planning the content of a webpage we must put us in the place of the user/client who is visiting our site. In the end the objective of our website is to sell and the only form to obtain this, is with quality content.

To remember that it is possible to have a successful site with a poor design, but is impossible to have a successful site with a contained poor man.

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