Advantages of a lodging Professional Web

We see some of the advantages contract to a lodging professional Web:

1. Its site always will be available even in rush hours.
2. Its site will have better times of load = better positioning.
3. Its site will be much more safe.

The 3 advantages influence directly in the capacity of the site to generate sales, we explain each.

A site always available

The majority of the lodgings scrap irons, offers to their clients limitless resources, many of them to very low prices. And this it is the hook so that many companies decide to contract these plans, but do not know what means this.

So that a company can offer resources of an economic form need to buy a servant and retacarlo of sites so that between all they pay the maintenance of the servant.

In Internet they exist rush hours of use and if a servant is supporting hundreds of sites, this one servant often does not support to all the sites in the rush hours, causing what we often see, a site that sometimes works and that normally works when there is little traffic.

Briefly more traffic enters has your site is easier that the site falls frequently.

We do not have to explain that this is to lose money.

It imagines that it has a restaurant and that in the rush hour the light goes away, How much cost to him would this? More likely if you do not solve this him quickly can cost the bankruptcy of his business, the same with a lodging.

Better times of load

Once explained what the majority does of the lodgings that sell limitless resources to economic prices. It is easy to understand that making an investment in a professional lodging, it is a decision of common sense.

A professional lodging will give the resources him that always need and therefore its site always will load quickly.

Google takes as factor from positioning the times from load from the sites, enters faster is a site, major possibility must to be positioned well in the results search.

A site much more surely

We have received without I number of clients asking to us help with hackeados sites, sites that by to have contracted cheap services finish being attacked by hackers.

In the majority of the times the clients nor count occur of the hackeo, since the attacks are not as before, where the hacker put an image in the main page crying out the hackeo. Now the hackers look for sites with lodgings with safety measure poor men because they use them to add Spam, links to Spam sites or to send post office Spam, in all the cases this finishes causing that the attacked site loses any ranqueo in Google doing it useless.

Unfortunately this is normally not detected in time causing that the image of the company and the sales is affected considerably. In many occasions the site begins to lose positioning until this he is null.


The form easiest to lose sales is having a slow website.

The lodging is as important as the design of their site, many think that it is until more important, since does not concern that so beautiful this its site, if the lodging fails the site does not work and it does not sell.

We have seen how to acquire cheap lodgings and of low yield the sites of companies never generate the waited for sales, causing that all the investment goes away to the trash.

To contract a professional lodging is only pleased, in many cases is pleased in 3 months, since the time of load of a site is taken by Google as factor in the positioning.

In the end the clients always are going to prefer a fast site, Invest in a lodging professional Web and stop losing clients.

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