Common errors at the time of designing a webpage

These are some of the most common errors at the time of designing a website

Hard-back, confused and little friendly text use

In many occasions the main problem at the time of designing a website is the content, and is that the error that many companies commit is to think that they can use the presentation of PowerPoint of the company in his site.

And they are not put to think that in the presentation there is somebody speaking and the text and images that are used are to support a speech, and this text very not very often has sense in a website.

At the moment in Internet we can find hundreds of companies in each market being incumbent on to appear in the first places in the results search of Google, the only form to excel is having a content that emphasizes.

A website needs to be constructed to offer a clean message, to present a service or product, to sell. And it is by that the content must be direct, clean, and fresh, presenting the benefits his service/product of clear form, is necessary to convince.

To construct a website according to the structure of the company, by departments and with information that to anybody matters to him.

When somebody arrives at our website does not concern the departments that our company has, what is our mission, vision and objectives, but the information to him, the products or services that can offer to him, and that one must be the base of the structure of our website.

He is not the user who is due to adapt, we are we those that we must ourselves adapt to which he can need, anticipating his tastes, their needs and their habits of navigation. It is necessary to change the chip and to think putting us about his shoes.

The usability is key at the time of which the user remains or he goes away, and the structure of the website must be thought with that approach, and for that reason the advising of a professional is necessary, because the natural tendency is to do transferring it so the company to the website what and this are a great error.

To destine a space to notify and not to change them frequently.

If we have an area of the news and spends long time without we publish no newness, we are giving the impression that in our company never it passes nothing, that we do not have anything new that to tell, that we do not have results and that we are a company that does not advance. Bad signal, very bad.

If we want to notify of our company or our sector, we must plan who will do it, what it is going to count and on what frequency before including the section in the design, and in case of not being able to award this competition to anybody or not to be able to make specific those factors, is preferable not to include this section in our website.

To request too much information in the forms.

This one is one of the errors most common and more ominous in the Web. Often we entered a website and we want to ask something on its products or services to know clearly if it is what we looked for, if they give such service, if they have such model and when we entered the contact eyelash appears to us a form that we must fill.

Until there all correct one, but the problem arises when they force to fill too many data to us to be able to send our consultation. Usuary it does not want to give too much personal information and we, therefore, do not have to request everything to him of blow.

Nevertheless, there are many webpages that request the name, two last names, e-mail, company, direction, state, and even postal code, in addition, by all means, of the subject of the consultation, and in case of not having all the stuffed fields, does not allow that the shipment is realised. This is a fatal error. It enters easier is for the visitor to contact way to us contact form, major sera the rate of conversion.


The competition is hard and the only form to excel is by means of a professional site that emphasizes of the competition by its content, where the benefits of the offered product are emphasized/service, must generate empathy with the visitor, to use information that helps the visitor to feel identified with the company and to offer a easy form of contact.

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