How to choose a design company professional Web?

It wants to have a website and it doesn't know as to find a good supplier of design Web?

First that is going to find he is that there are thousands of experts in design Web, all promising stars, all selling his services to the maximum, some with prices highest and others with given prices, but, How to detect to those fast talkers that only want to make a site by money?

Here we presented some points to him to be able to choose to the best supplier of design Web according to its budget.

1. The best letter of presentation is its own site, Does It like its website? See itself does professional? Is Its site seen well in a tablet? What so sees their site in a cell phone?

One is going away to give account that are many experts who in their website do not use responsive design, and if they use it, this one has errors. If a professional cannot have a good site done, What can be hoped of the sites of their clients?

2. Is Its website positioned or it found it via an announcement of Adwords? There is a great difference, if he found them by an announcement of Adwords more likely do not know to position. He chooses to companies that appear via natural on the front page of results search. These companies know to position and this service without problems can offer him.

3. It visits its portfolio, although it does not create it are many companies that lie with their portfolios, many say to have made x or and website and when it looks for to him just a little bit realizes that site was made on the other company, or that the design does not correspond with the one of the portfolio, or they have pavilions to sites that do not exist.

It puts attention, do all the examples in their portfolio use the same structure, that is to say they only change images, logo and text in his designs? if it is thus, it does not wait for results, since they are only making sites do them.

4. It asks, a professional company must answer all doubts clearly, in the end are expert of his field.

5. After it has selected to the companies that have a professional site and that have a real portfolio, it requests references, but it requests references of old clients, that is to say it does not request the reference of the site that finishes doing, the majority of the people will tell him that it was a good experience but to have a new site they will not be able to give more references him.

However with a reference of some old client account will be able to occur if its site sells, if it has support and most important it knows that it is a company with experience and established well.

6. To part of the design, they offer services to him of quality? Although it never creates it many companies will tell him where its site will be provided with accomodations, neither they specified the resources to him assigned to its site. this could be something that to much people does not matter to him, but in the present market, this is important, since it enters better is the lodging, better the speed and availability of his site and therefore better positioning. 

It has well-taken care of if they offer limitless services to him of post office, of storage etc. Normally are companies that buy cheap servers to be able to offer this.

A servant cheap will only give problems him as far as yield of his site and of its e-mails, a mediocre service of e-mail can make him lose much money.

7. A good company always has projects and it does not begin to work on the following day, normally when it goes with a professional company, agendan date to him of home of his project, if a company offers to him to begin on the following day is so that they do not have work. 

7. It does not choose companies by budget, a professional company is not cheap, we have listened to so many times that some client preferred to choose to a company previously so that she was cheapest, to only realize that its decision cost 2 either 3 times to him the more expensive that the other proposals, by lost of time and the money.

It remembers is choosing who is going to design the image of its company and this is fundamental for the success of its business.

Now it has a little more tools to choose to the best supplier of design Web within his budget, remembers that in this one market cheap it leaves expensive.

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