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Virtual store

All includes:

Bandage by

It offers his products with a virtual store, detailed descriptions, and the facility so that their clients pay in line by means of banking cards, Paypal, or banking transferences. Their clients can consult their catalogue and realise orders in any schedule, the 365 days of the year.

We have different solutions from payment according to the needs of its store. All our solutions of payment incorporate the most advanced systems against fraud.

We developed their store online and you dedicate yourself to sell.

Contact to us

He increases his sales with our virtual stores also known as stores online

All our stores include:

Easy to use

It easily administers his products, prices, supplies, coupons, inventory, users, office, images and more. The store will grow with you.

Multiple forms of payment

It accepts payments with Paypal and credit cards or debit, or if it also requires it payments, in banking stores OXXO, and transferences

Security SSL

It offers security to his buyers, we used servers fulfilling standard PCI with certificates of security SSL.

Responsive design

Bandage in any device. The design of the store responds and it adapts to the movable devices in which it is being.


It supervises the sales, promotions, commentaries, the levels of existence and the general yield of his store, everything from his Control Panel.

Detailed statistics

It obtains data on his store as: amount of visits, sources of traffic, time demurrage, visited pages, visited products more, etc.

Google Cloud lodging

We provide with accomodations its virtual store by a year in the safest, fast and extensive platform of the planet.

Optimization SEO

We review and we followed the lineaments SEO for a correct positioning of its store in finders.

Support and qualification

We taught to him to use the administrator of contents, updates the content of his site easily.

$ 26,600
Unique payment
  • Inventory of up to 1000 products
  • Time of delivery 15 working days
$ 24,600
Unique payment
  • Inventory of up to 500 products
  • Time of delivery 12 working days
$ 22,600
Unique payment
  • Inventory of up to 100 products
  • Time of delivery 10 working days
The service of e-mails quotes separately, to see suppliers here
Frequent questions

It is necessary to pay a monthly instalment by the use of the store?

There are no monthly payments of no type, all the updates of his store are without cost, the idea is that their store is a practical tool that it helps him to sell.

I never have used a store

Our stores are friendly and easy to use, it does not worry, with a small manual you you will be able to administer his store without problems.

I need some special software to use it?

No, it only needs to have a computer or movable device with access to Internet.

If for some reason I cannot update my store, what I do?

It can contact to us and with taste we helped him, you always you will have our support.

What is what they need to begin?

The content of its store, that is to say; the text of each page/section that its virtual store will have. The text in a file of Word or any other word processor can send us.

Which is the design process?

Once we have the text of its store, it will be optimized, and we come to present to him of 2 to 4 proposals of design. When you choose the one that more it likes, we sent a direction to him where you will be able to see the development of his site, and will be able at the time to make changes or adjustments.

With this you have total participation in the design of his site, once finished the site we will come to publish it and to give it of discharge in finders. More information on our process of design

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