Process of

A process in 4 steps.

We are more than 13 years old designing and developing websites, our experience has taken to us to perfect a plan of work in 4 steps.

1. Reception of information.

We asked to him sends the structure to us of the site, that is to say whichever pages/sections will have their site, as well as the final content of each section in a file of Word, or any text processor. As well as the logo of its company.

All the contents of text and images will have to be given in magnetic version and will be responsibility of the client.

2. Planning and optimization of the content.

Once we have the content, we make the optimization SEO, that is to say we checked that it is using the keywords with which their possible clients would look for their site.

And that fulfills the requirements that Google asks for the correct positioning of its site in finders.

3. Design and development.

Once we have the content of the optimized site, we sent an e-mail to him with design proposals. These proposals will give a great idea him of how it will be his final site.

Normally we sent of 2 to 4 proposals of design taking into account his needs, to selected being one, we sent a link to him where already it can see the selected proposal and began with the development of his site.

The development is by stages and in this we will be able to discuss any adjustment that its site requires in time and forms.

With this process you always have plenary session control on the design of his site, from the proposal selected, to the final adjustments.

4. Publication.

Once finished the site, we register it in finders, if you acquired an administrator of contents, we sent the data to him so that it can access to his site and a small manual of how administering it.

And ready, it has obtained a professional site!