Who we are¦ The elephant in the quarter

For many companies the page of Whom We are/We are the elephant in the quarter, and normally the page with information of less utility of all the site.

This is a pain because statistical they show that usually this one page is one of the most visited anywhere.

The majority of the companies uses this one webpage to say that they are Mexican 100% and since when they operate and in many cases showing the institutional values of the Vps Hosting company, that being sincere to anybody interests to him. Mission, vision, and S-values are usually expressed in this one page without generating sales.

How many times it has bought a product or service because it likes much the vision of the company? or on the other hand, you have an appointment with a client. When one appears, he speaks to him of his institutional values? More likely no. speaks to Him on its experience, on the challenges that its company confronts, on the benefits/advantages of its products/services, but never of their institutional values. Why to do it in its site?

The institutional values are that, values for the institution and it does not stop the visitor.

To turn a page that traditionally does not contain information of importance in a page that generates a bond and therefore him help to its site to sell is a simple question of approach.

The page of Whom We Are other times called, must have information who help to sell to the company, a little history, challenges that it confronts and goals to medium and long term. Text that helps the visitor to have I tie and to identify itself with the company.

If fresh information with a personal approach is offered, better results are obtained much than simply to put institutional values

The page of Whom We are is ideal to generate I tie with the visitor.

When a bond with the visitor exists, the probability that an action on the part of the visitor is realised, as to fill a contact form or to realise a call he is much greater.

It emphasizes of the competition with a content thought about selling, in the end the objective of each unlimited hosting webpage in his site must be to generate a sale.

In RiverWoodSolutions we know that having excellent content is fundamental so that a site produces sales, contacts we can help to us him.


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