Optimization of speed and SEO, case of success #1

In March of the 2020 we received a mail asking help to optimize a virtual store.

The tent visually badly she was not pitched, but, needed information important to sell, tapeworm zero SEO and was provided with accomodations in a slow servant.

We analyze the store and the times of load were very bad, of 11 up to 15 seconds.

After optimizing the site, optimizing the images, to diminish code and to change it to Google Cloud, we managed to have time of load of 2 seconds.

We made changes in content, adding important information, and the structure of the content changed to improve the SEO of the store.

A month after to have applied to the changes the site has had the waited for results, and its store has begun to produce sales.

At present it is virtually impossible to position a site in the first results search if this one does not count on a true professional lodging.

Contact we can help to us him, sometimes it is only question to invest a little to duplicate or to triple sales.

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